Navigating and delivering sustainable solutions and substrates for the printing industry.

We’re committed to surpassing your sustainability goals.

Our focus is you and to help you build a more sustainable ecosystem by bringing you trusted, alternative solutions for printing.

We are industry-leading pioneers in paperboard and printing. We’ve done the heavy lifting and now we want to share these innovative products with you.

We provide complex and technical expertise, delivering sustainability with greater financial value.

About You

You are tasked with ensuring sustainablility goals are met without compromise and have investors and leadership teams counting on you to deliver trusted and reliable solutions without disrupting the bottom line or the manufacturing process. You need a highly competent and experienced resource that can deliver complex solutions. It’s at this intersection where we excel.

We provide expertise in innovative solutions that are exact and efficient and with zero compromises.

We support you throughout the entire manufacturing process, from initial creation to program completion, delivery and install.

We accomplish this

WITHOUT disrupting your bottom line

WITHOUT compromising the integrity of the finished product

WHILE ensuring a smooth manufacturing process time and time again.

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We are leading resource for sustainable alternatives to plastics. We provide you with the intel you need, and the products to fulfill your mission-critical business. We are highly seasoned industry-leading pioneers in the substrate and printing industry who have had to navigate the same challenges you face today. We came together to help you traverse your specific challenges and convert them into your best success story.

A Few Of The Industries We Serve

Commercial Printing

Commerical Printing

Including Wide and Grand Format

Trade Shows and Events


Food and Beverage


Packaging, Signage & POP


Our Team

Our mission is to be the leading sustainability solutions provider. Together with a trusted collaboration of sustainable paper manufacturers, we are elevating our clients products to to achieve better profitability and a more sustainable DNA.We combine the deep knowledge and technical expertise for a transformative and positive effect to our environment. Join us on a path for a better tomorrow. Reach out to us today.

John Kelley

John Kelley, CEO

Tim Bolton

Timothy Bolton, President

Products and Services We Proudly Represent


Do you have an exciting new venture that needs a better sustainability story? Or would you like to know more about our products and services? Every new project starts with a conversation, so let’s talk today! Call or send us an email today.

Tim Bolton

2501 Investors Row, Suite 500
Orlando, Florida 32837

P: 800.318.4003

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